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We’ve already given props to Marcus Ritz and MEZZO (see below), but this week on News 88.9 FM KNPR-Nevada Public Radio, we kill (sic) two bomboloni with one cannoli as we give a shout out to it as well as to BISTRO DIVINO-yet another Italian restaurant that is succeeding against all odds. Our commentary is entitled A Tale of Two Italians…..

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The High Cost of Vegas Dining

Five years ago, I used to joke that the cost of a big deal meal in Vegas would set you back a car payment. Now, it’s a house payment.

Is it worth it? Well, I must think so ‘cuz I’ve been paying the freight at the toughest tabs in town for over thirteen years (FYI: the dinero I make from all of my food writing/restaurant reviewing gigs doesn’t cover the tips I leave).

But when Steve Sebelius, Editor of Citylife magazine, asked me to do a pro-con debate with uber-hip-goth-jazz musician-turned-food-critic Al Mancini about the high cost of our town’s ultimate meals, I happily accepted the anti-stance, because for most people the enjoyment they’ll get out of dropping $800 for two at Robuchon or Guy Savoy will never be worth it….for them!

Click here to read our kitchen debate (tempest in a teapot?) over whether you get your money’s worth at Las Vegas’s premier restaurants.

Foie Gras Foolishness

Last week, the Chicago Board of Alderman abolished their absurd ban on the serving of fattened goose and duck livers. Coincidentally, Esquire Magazine’s John Mariani sent me his Nov. ’07  Esquire article two days ago exploding all of the myths and stupidity surrounding this “controversial” foodstuff.

Click here to read Mariani’s article.

And if, after reading it, you still feel an uncontrollable urge to protest man’s inhumanity (sic) towards the animals we eat, I’d suggest starting with hamburgers and Chicken McNuggets.