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KLAS TV Channel 8 (CBS) Restaurant of the Week – DAL TORO RISTORANTE

For those of you who don’t get up with the pigs and chickens, but who require your Friday dose of The Food Man, here is our Restaurant of the Week segment on the Channel 8 Morning News with Denise Valdez and Dave McCann, featuring DAL TORO RISTORANTE in the Palazzo.

Please ignore my verbal gaffe at calling Mitsuo Endo a Chinese chef on last week’s ROTW segment! Quelle horreur! I hereby publicly beg his forgiveness and promise to commit seppuku if I ever do it again.


It was the gourmet food store I had been waiting for, for twenty years. It remains, two years after opening, the only purveyor of quality fromage in the entire valley.

The first time I walked into this modest storefront, I started to weep silently to myself with joy. Because laid before me, in its medium sized refrigerated case, were wheels (not pre-cut packages) of Colston Bassett Stilton, cave-aged Taleggio, true Camembert, cloth-bound Vermont cheddar, and dozens of others of the world’s finest (and hard to find) cheeses.

Behind the counter that fateful day were Kristin Sande and Bob Howald – a couple who met at a cheese convention…I mean how cheesy is that! They were and are there every day to discuss levels of ripeness, serving suggestions and wine pairings from their selection of esoteric (and extremely well-priced) wines of the world.

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He was a great chef as chefs go, and as chefs go, he went.

You heard it here first: Adam Sobel has officially departed Bradley Ogden. Todd Williams, formerly sous chef under Bryan Ogden, has taken over as top toque. Bryan Ogden continues to be associated with BO, but only in a capacity as consultant chef. Meaning: he flies in once a month to check on things….kinda like his dad.

Alfred Portale, the man behind the venerable Gotham Bar and Grill in New York, and the popularizer of vertical food (an idea whose time has toppled) has signed on with the Fontainbleau Hotel project to bring an outpost of GB&G to Vegas.

Larry Forgione is hard at work at the restaurant soon to be formerly known as Tableau in the Wynn. He is slowly revamping Mark LoRusso’s menu and making it an updated version of his venerable An American Place in St. Louis; a place that was formerly Forgione’s signature restaurant of the same name in Gotham – only without any vertical food. Got that?

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