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DJT – the final words(?)

If DJT had had as many customers as it does people willing to write superlatives about it, it would still be in business. ELV was blown away by all the love and commentary generated by our simple post of last week that the fine dining concept was kaput after four months. But obviously, enough people received a taste of it to know why we were so disappointed.

For the last(?) words on the topic, I’ll leave you with this exchange between DJT’s (now departed) chef de cuisine David Varley and The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic:*

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The Art of Eating

As much as ELV would like you to think that we are the ne plus ultra of food writers, possessing that essential je ne sais quois,* in moments of certain humility,** we’ve been known to recognize the superiority of other journalists.*** One such bloke is Edward Behr, a fellow who I imagine looks a lot like his name as he pecks away in upper Vermont churning out the Art of Eating four times a year for the food cognescenti**** in America.

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