Food For Thought-Reno 911!

Hangover got you down? Too tired or lazy to read my post on Reno restaurants a few entries below this? We understand how a night of video poker, PBR and Jager shots can do that to even the most dedicated foodie. Therefore, as a public service, we hereby offer a direct audio link to my News 88.9 FM Nevada Public Radio weekly “Food For Thought” segment.

Click here to hear this week’s KNPR radio commentary.

SETTEBELLO on the move

Pizza lovers rejoice! Settebello, maker of simply the best pizzas in town (and the best pizzas in Salt Lake City and the only ones certified as authentic by Italian authorities as Vera Pizza Napolentana-real Italian pizza), has announced plans to move from its present location at Valle Verde and Horizon Ridge (commonly referred to by as the middle of bleeping nowhere) to The District II (a slightly more accessible location in the franchise-restaurant wasteland that is Monochrome Valley.)

Rumor also has it that owner Brad Otton and his pizzaiolo Carmine D’Amato (a master of the craft of pizza making), are scouting locations on the west side of town. Hope springs eternal.

Click here to hear my review of Settebello on News 88.9 FM-Nevada Public Radio.

Click here to watch a YouTube video of D’Amato doing what he does best-to a jazzy Italian soundtrack. But don’t blame me if you can’t understand anything; those darn Italians have a different word for everything!


1776 Horizon Ridge Pkwy.

Henderson. NV 89012


Bad Manners Part Deux

This week on KNPR-Nevada Public Radio (, we continue our editorial on what should happen when unappetizing things (e.g. a piece of twisted metal) get found in your food. Instead of my usual witty and insightful bon mots, I allowed Steven “The Fat Guy” Shaw, John “Noodles” Mariani, and Alan “The Hitman” Richman to weigh in on this weighty subject, and the commentary consists of my mellifluous voice quoting and paraphrasing their opinions on the subject. In other words, Tom Sawyer-like, I convinced them to do my script writing for me. Pretty nifty, eh?

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