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Salmonella Surprise

Having come of age in the 60’s and 70’s, yours truly has a healthy distrust of anything the government tells him.* And when it comes to food and diet, the Feds get so many things wrong,** it’s best just to ignore them altogether.

Witness the recent mass hysteria brought on by the government warnings about salmonella in tomatoes. Turns out, blaming tomatoes was a bad idea. In fact, most of the stuff you heard a few weeks ago was not supported by any hard evidence – just conjecture and supposition – which didn’t stop the destruction of millions of dollars of tomatoes, because a few people (maybe/supposedly) ate some (actual/really) crappy food at some (possibly) bad restaurants (mostly in Texas.)

The point is, because 922 people got sick from something (nobody knows exactly what), that may or may not be related to salsa, tens of millions of people, thousands of businesses and hundreds of farmers have to suffer…..

Read the tale of government and journalistic panic-button-pushing here in the Wall Street Journal.


* e.g. Watergate, Vietnam War, Cambodia, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, The Chicago 7, Oliver North, CIA, Henry Kissinger, Three Mile Island, Weapons of Mass Destruction, et al…

** See: IN DEFENSE of FOOD, Michael Pollan, (Penguin Press 2008)

Yes, We Will Have No Bananas

Don’t worry, we’re not going all Birkenstock on you with these last two posts. Every once in a while though, we lift our nose out of a grand cru Burgundy, after having polished off some Caspian Sea beluga, followed by Chilean sea bass and a Komodo Dragon steak, to actually pay attention to the world at large. And because of it, Eating Las Vegas is starting to strongly suspect there just might be something to this whole carbon-footprint thing.

Click here for some dire news for banana fans.

Is local food really miles better?

We Las Vegans don’t usually concern ourselves with the mundane and temporal; not when there are spiritual quests surrounding us like The World Series of Poker and NASCAR. And who has time for annoyances like global warming and geopolitics when the Rio Hotel just formed a partnership with Club Sapphire to bring naked mega-babes to the hotel pool?

Talk of locavores and going green might play to the crowds in San Francisco and L.A., but around here these topics get as much traction as as ban on blackjack. And just when we thought we could enjoy Rick Moonen’s sustainable fish at RM or the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market produce at Craftsteak without guilt…along comes like some dookie in the punch bowl, ruining our gastronomic fun.

According to Roberta Kwok’s article, even San Franciscans can’t rest on their green laurels; not when the vaunted Ferry Building Farmers’ Market has been found to create as much carbon dioxide as your local Albertson’s. It’s enough to make me wanna go out and buy a Hummer.

Click here to read the complete article at

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