Burgerliciousness on Wake Up With the Wagners

Maybe later this year there will finally be a Vegas Burger Battle where the best of the best burgers will square off in a true taste test (if their p.r. flacks will let them). In the meantime, Las Vegas will simply have to settle for ELV being the last word in burgers, because: yes, we’ve eaten them all, multiple times, and even more to the point, our burger mavenhood is challenged only by Josh “Mr. Cutlets” Ozersky for  impeccable and imperiousness opinions on this subject.

As usual, you’ll have to scroll to the 27:40  mark to see us expound mightily on mighty good pounded meat.

Our two favorite burgers (in case you didn’t know):

1)  P. J. Clarke’s – in the Caesars Forum Shops

2) Elevation Burger – 5130 South Fort Apache Suite 240

3) (tie)

Burger Bar

BLT Burger

Mesa Grill



KGB Burger

Comme Ca



Old Homestead


The Barrymore

7 thoughts on “Burgerliciousness on Wake Up With the Wagners

  1. Thank God, and thank you too, that you didn’t put In-N-Out on the list. Yes, it’s a good fast food burger, but it’s fast food. It doesn’t compare to those at your list.

  2. No L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy? Those are the best, then comes PJ Clarkes. Love the kennebec fries at PJ Clarkes too.

  3. just went to elevation for lunch today, its NOT that good, mediochre at best. i would take 5 guys or in n out over the. fries were fresh cut but soggy, burgers are dry and dont have much flavor

  4. I truly don’t understand how the Carnevino burger is rated lower than PJ Clark, I guess thats matter of personal taste but it still baffles me that a critic would not see the brilliance in the burger at Carnevino. I would rank CV & the soon to be defunct Bradley Ogden as the two best, with PJ’s as number 3 – but PJ’s is on a second tier. CV mixing with the hoi polloi along with the lack of BO is a real shame.

    PS: I havent tried Elevation (wasn’t even on my radar), KGB or Barymore yet. I’ve tried all the others except Central – I took one look at the burger and decided on the spot to never order it – sad but true!

  5. Maven you been to Heart Attack Grill yet? I love the fact 2 people have had heart attacks so far.

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