Tokyo Plaza

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Right now it’s called “Seoul Plaza,” but soon enough, the name will change to reflect what’s going on in this small shopping center near the northwest corner of Spring Mountain and Decatur.

And what’s going on is a very special, micro-climate of fantastical food brought to Vegas by a cadre of passionate, Japanese chefs (and Big Wong – he of the noodle-li-cious, $5.95  Chinese beef ramen).

Coming soon will be a Japanese bakery run by Mitsuo Endo of Raku fame, and a Japanese curry house catty corner from Monta.

Already, each of these joints can be a tough ticket almost any night of the week (and Kabuto* will, soon enough, be the toughest).

No matter how crowded things get, ELV suggests finding a place to park (not always easy**) and just strolling in to whatever seat you can find in whatever eatery has one.

Then, just grab your chopsticks and dig in.

Your taste buds, your waistline and your wallet will thank you.


* Kabuto is located next door to Kengo Nakamura‘s Nakamura-Ya. It has only 18 seats and will be opening sometime this week. ELV will post pictures of his preview tasting meal there later today.

** When the lot is full, the side street to the left of Raku is very convenient for parking.

5 thoughts on “Tokyo Plaza

  1. I concur, this plaza has become the jewel of Spring Mountain. The changes sound very exciting, looking forward to the day when Killroy is replaced by a brilliant chef with a vision, hopefully something like Jewel Baku. We can dream, can’t we?

    Have you been back to Nakamura-Ya? I’m interested in an update, I’d like to know how the menu has refined. They always seem empty, I wasn’t thrilled with my only Nakamura-Ya experience but I am rooting for them to improve and thrive.

  2. How’s the Korean restaurant that sits between Raku and Monta? We’ve considered going there several times, but every time we look it’s empty, and with so many other excellent choices in the plaza, well, we’ll get there eventually.

  3. In response to swolfa: So, you think the union is a bunch of thugs and bullies by promoting better wages, health insurance plans, and pensions makes them thugs? Sound like a defacto non-union worker to me, that or a disgruntled ‘thug’ boss wishing to treat its employees less then humanly possible. Unions built this city and many others along with it.

    They essentially established middle class wages. If Corporate companies had their ways of Vegas back then, who on earth would move here to work in a low wage, cut throat society?

    I’d like to see you conjure up these negatives? And ELV already explained how the ADS ALGORITHYM by Google Ads works.

  4. So, an update. Figuring we might as well check off the last box in the places to eat in Seoul Plaza list, we checked out Seoul Oak, the Korean joint next door to Monta.

    It’s totally decent Korean BBQ, more or less similar to the rest of the totally decent Korean BBQ restaurants in Las Vegas. Seoul Oak is owned by the proprietors of Woo Che, and service was solid.

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