Don’t Even THINK About Eating Here

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Let’s get a few things straight, shall we?

If you  love I Love Sushi, you will hate Kabuto.

If you like things like “Firecracker” rolls, “Spider” rolls and “Dynamite” rolls, then you should roll right past this sign-less, jewel box on Spring Mountain Road.

Or, perhaps you are in love with some neighborhood sushi joint that “specializes” in rolled rice concoctions with more characters than a Game of Thrones episode. Or maybe thoughts of Sushi Fever’s “Screaming Orgasm”  — an inartful assemblage of tasteless tuna, swimming in sweet/hot/ponzu sauce — make you shudder with delight.

If so, then saunter on by and don’t give this place a second look.

Other questions to ask yourself:

Do you not give a shit whether your sushi chef is Japanese? Or was classically trained?

Does the provenance of the raw seafood you’re about to ingest matter not a bit to you?

Do fried, fake crabs (or tempura anything) banded with cream cheese and avocado and slicked with sweet soy send you into priapisms  of pleasure?

Or do you (or your dining companions) ever kvetch when they can’t get a California roll?

If you answered any of those questions in the affirmative (and ELV will bet dollars to doughnuts if you answered yes to one, you answered yes to all), then do yourself a favor and avoid the embarrassment of sitting next to people who actually care about the taste and texture of the fish they are eating.

In other words, please leave the 18 seats of this edomaezushi restaurant to those who appreciate the real deal…and have fun with your avocado, cream cheese and mayonnaise massacres elsewhere.

Kabuto is too good for you.*


5040 Spring Mountain Road #4

Las Vegas, NV 89146

702.676. 1044

(opening tomorrow)


* Because you are the sort who likes the idea of sushi, rather than the real thing.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Even THINK About Eating Here

  1. That looks amazing at a really great price. The rice looks perfect and not packed too tight by the chef. There’s a perfect fish/rice ratio. I’d be there in a second.

  2. Going tonight. Apparently no booze yet, but I do see those tasty Echigos in the above snaps.. Since Shintaro closed, I’ve avoided eating in any sushi restaurant in Vegas. I hope Kabuto is as good as it looks.

  3. I was worried you might give it a bad review as you do not believe in an all sashimi/nigiri meal (I recall a epicure test a while back). So glad a place like this finally opened. About time for our “humble berg.”

  4. Damn it John, how did you beat me to this place? It looks like the real deal. My mouth is watering. I must go within the next day or two.

  5. “Inside Tokyo. Outside Las Vegas.”

    Easily the best sushi in Vegas.

    Get here before it becomes impossible to get in and the prices go up. You have been warned.

  6. Easily worthy of a Michelin Star, maybe even two. The sushi here is about the most precise I’ve had, anywhere, Masa included.

  7. It was absolutely delightful. The staff appreciated me and it was returned. As perfect as I have experienced outside Japan. This place is not messing around.

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