Ummm…That’s Good Chili Pig Bag

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You call it corn, we call it maize.

Or so they said in the 70s.

These days, we call a certain part of pork “stomach,” its “maw”,* while the good folks at the new Kung Fu Chef (in the space of the old Ay-Chung Cafe) call these sliver-y, silvery slices of digestive tract “chili pig bag.”

Yep. that’s what it says on the menu.

Whatever you call it, it’s a spicy, stomach-y delight! Chewy, fatty and soft (but slow cooked to resolve the rubbery factor), it is surrounded with big charred chunks of peppers and onions, and contains just enough funk to tell you you’re eating something elemental.

Like the hottie Indian (feathers not dots) said of Mazola: Chili pig bag “tastes fresh and good….naturally.” Much more natural, we’re guessing, than her polyunsaturated crap.

Best of all, it only costs $7.

Just thought you’d like to know.


5115 Spring Mountain Road Ste 103

Las Vegas, NV 89146


* The Mexicalis call it “buche” and serve in those chewy tacos we at ELV love so much.

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