Drink This Now – Mastiha Liqueur at MILOS

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It tastes like white lighting soaked in sweetened tree resin, but nonetheless, is strangely compelling.

So compelling, in fact, you’ll find yourself ordering another one before you know it.

And then another…

…and before too long, you’ll find yourself doing this:


Pronounced “mas-TEEK-ha” it is only available at Estiatorio Milos…and only should be consumed if someone else is driving.

ΥΓΕΙΑ! (Yamas!)


In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109



8 thoughts on “Drink This Now – Mastiha Liqueur at MILOS

  1. Great fish but breathtakingly overpriced.

    They really show you great Greek, but it would be nice if they used a little lube.

  2. I’ll be lunching at Milos on Feb. 7. MasTeekha sounds ouzoesque. probably too strong for that hour of the day, considering I have an early dinner reservation at Le Cirque. $20.12 for fish doesn’t sound breathtakingly overpriced for Vegas. Maybe compared to Greece.

  3. For Cat, I think Vegas Dave sums up the quandary that many of us have with Milos. The lunch special offers a reasonable chance to experience their cuisine, but with a glass of iced tea and a tip that becomes a $26-27 lunch. Substitute the grilled octopus, calamari or crab cake and now you are at $37-38. And that is their “bargain” offering.

    The problem is that for as much as we enjoy what the kitchen does, the dinner prices are borderline offensive, even by Las Vegas standards. A side of broccoli with your meal? $16. Cauliflower? $16. But they check in lower than the $18 for steamed potatoes. An appetizer of grilled mushrooms will set you back $21, a garden salad $18. And so on. The fired zucchini and eggplant appetizer is sublime, but checks in at $29. We love the tastes, but the tariff makes it difficult the love the full experience.

  4. ELV responds: We consider the bargain lunch at Milos to be its penance for its stratospheric prices at dinner. That lunch is also a savvy way to keep the locals happy (and coming back and recommending the place), while soaking the turistas at dinner.

    BTW: What Milos does with a la carte pricing is the same thing steakhouses do….which is one of the reasons steakhouses are some of the most expensive restaurants in town. But no one ever seems to gripe about paying $55 for a steak, or $24 for apps or $9 for a vegetable at a prime beef emporium (and keep in mind, most everything at Milos is portioned for two or more).

  5. Although this will go off-topic a bit for this thread, you touch upon an excellent point John, and one that we wish we could begin some consumer advocacy on in 2012. Why is it so difficult to request a “broccoli for one” these days? We fully understand that the restaurants have their models that enable profitability, but in the long run could it not be said that pleasing the consumer at a slightly lower profit rate, which brings the customer back, also has its own particular merit?

    At a place like Milos, a little bit of broccoli can enhance the fresh fish, particularly in adding a texture element. Sides at steakhouses can provide the same contrasts, which elevate the entire experience. But in a city in which we have such major convention traffic, and therefore so many solo diners, it seems almost absurd to have the options so limited. There is absolutely nothing wrong with high price points for “serves 2 or more” on side dishes if there is also the option for “for one”. Yet that option is so difficult to find, and when so many places offer their main protein as a stand-alone, without accompaniment, they are actually sacrificing an opportunity to better showcase their flavors, and offer the consumer a better experience.

  6. Obviously I don’t know what I’m writing about. Not the first time. Thanks for the info about portion size. Small is good. The only time I have ordered a side in a Vegas restaurant was at Valentino’s, a side of asparagus I thought would go well with the fish. It did, but there was far too much of it

  7. Don’t forget they’ve got a dinner prix fixe for $49. Only downside is you’ve got to get it before 7 or 7:30 but it gets you the octopus, tomato salad, the lavraki and some baclava that you won’t have room for.

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