Holy Obscurity Batman! GREAT BAO Rocks!

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It may have the worst location in town.

Only Pura Vida and Sabi’s Thai Kitchen even come close.

It only has four seats.

Two at the counter and two at a teeny tiny two-top.

Think about that.

And after you’re done thinking, think about what Sheridan Su is doing for those four seats (and a busy take-out trade) in the front part of a beauty parlor, that puts all other steamed bun sandwiches in town to shame. Hand-made food that’s so yummy you’ll immediately forget your slightly bizarre surroundings.

He explained to us that the whole Great Bao food truck thing proved to be a financial drain (“a lotta work for not a whole lotta money”), so when this eensy-weensy space (that once housed a sushi counter(?)) came open, it was “goodbye” to driving around trying to find customers, and settling down and letting them come to him.

For the uninitiated, bao is a type of shorthand for a type of  Chinese sandwich made with super-squishy steamed buns in which all varieties of meats and vegetables are placed — usually with a schmear of hoisin sauce for sweetness, and an accent or two (e.g. ground peanuts). At their best, they are two bite wonders of balance, taste and texture.

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Sheridan’s are bao at its best.

Three tasty sandwiches for ten bucks. Kick ass sesame noodles for eight. All made with love and good groceries and teeming with intense flavors. Plus you get to chew the tasty pork belly fat with Sheridan and Jenny Wong the whole time.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Even if you have to smell nail polish the whole time.


Inside a Hair Salon

4965 West Tropicana Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89103


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  1. Went here today! Foodie senses were tingling… such an awesome find and you have to walk through a hair salon to get to it. Two thumbs up!

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