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It does our little pea pickin’ heart good to see crowds lined up at Manon Patisserie and Bistro every time we go there. Weekends, it seems, are always crowded, and if you don’t get your lunch order in before noon, expect at least a 20 minute wait for your food.

All of this is a good thing, because a successful, locally-owned food enterprise in this economy is a lovely thing to behold.

So congrats to Jean-Paul and Rachel Layden and their crew for turning out such tasty fare and for creating such a following in a such a short time.

A note of caution, however. Sometimes, when the kitchen strays beyond its definitive quiches and classics (like its crave-worthy almond croissant), things can get a little…er…uh….corpulent and crazy.

Case in point: the cauliflower and pork casserole above — consisting of a thick slice of pork underneath sauteed cauliflower florets smothered in a cheese sauce — a dish whose very construction proved, by inversion, the less is more axiom, and singlehandedly destroyed my decade-long quest to prove to The Food GalĀ® that French food doesn’t have to be, as Calvin Trillin once characterized it, “stuff stuff with heavy.”

Stick with those quiches, a croque-monsieur or any of the pastries, and you’ll be on much more solid ground, and have much less of a solid lump in your tummy.

Our lunch pour deux came to $25.


8751 W. Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89117


2 thoughts on “MANON BISTRO Lunch

  1. There are a few flawes with Manon, albiet make up for the scrumptious servings for their food. One is being the premade croque monsieur sandwich and pizzas and anything else cased. All they do is heat it up inside of a microwave-like oven. Sometimes the food I’ve ordered there only comes out luke warm or the cheese melts to a clammy like texture.

    Two can be the foreign (spanish/latin) workers over by the deli area. Their inept ability to understand basic english. Making order a little challenge if your trying to alter or add additional to your order. Why the assistant/managers stick over by the pastry area is beyond my understandings. Aside from these areas that need more work, overall Manon is a great place.

    For a dollar meringues, little high but still tasty and satisfying.

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