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More like Comment of the Week, but @Vegas Dave nails it when he writes:

Glad to see another fine establishment has opened downtown ELV. But truly, downtown has a looooonnngggg way to go before anything is “starting to happen” there (other than the prelude to an afternoon tryst.)

In the spirit of trying to jump-start this mostly vacant scrap of desert, I’ve come up with a few slogans that our fine councilmen and women are free to adopt:

Downtown Las Vegas:

“Home of Zappos- the shoe company”

“You won’t have to walk far”

“Come for the drinking, stay forever”

“Visit our family friendly mob museum”

“Enjoy our block and a half”

“Coulda been a contender”

“Our homeless are nicer”

“Try our five great bars and restaurants”

“Pick up some crap at First Friday”

“Neglected since 1952″

ELV responds:

Well said @Vegas Dave. ELV has been saying the same thing, in print, in speeches, and on the radio, for years. All the excitement about downtown is overblown in comparison to the size of what’s actually happening, but the Union Plaza’s resurgence should help….and, let’s face it, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Hope springs eternal.

2 thoughts on “Letter of the Week

  1. John how can you side with Vegas Dave about downtown.
    Downtown is the real Vegas. I walk less downtown in a day than I do to get to my car at MGM. My room is always close, so is many good places to find eats.
    Stats show that downtown is a better bet for you gaming dollar.

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