BUZZ BBQ – Doesn’t Live Up To Buzz

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At Buzz BBQ, our pork ribs looked like beef and our beef was chopped like pork and our roll was stale and the sauce(s) dreadfully commercial and the whole shebang so smoky after six hours and we still couldn’t get the smell off our lips.

Oh yeah, and those ribs were so tender (and completely separated from the bone) they could’ve been baby food — a sure sign of steaming or par-boiling.

For the privilege of enduring these affronts to our aficionado-ness, we drove to the ends of the earth on West Trop and paid $22.

Just thought you’d like to know.


Somewhere on West Tropicana

8 thoughts on “BUZZ BBQ – Doesn’t Live Up To Buzz

  1. Let’s just start off by saying I’ll never go back here again. Smoke ring? haha yeah right. The ribs were the worst ribs I’ve ever had, period.

  2. I walked in 4 days ago, looked around and saw an empty room, smelled the scent of the food in the air, and then went to In and Out across the street. I think that says it all.

  3. I think my last post came out wrong so let me clarify, I chose to not eat at Buzz because the room didn’t smell like what I would consider to be “proper” ‘Q. The room’s emptiness was a sign that my assumption might be correct, hence I chose to eat fast food instead (not necessarily the best choice I should add, but it is what it is).

  4. I’ve had the ribtips at the original (Craig Rd/95) location, and they were pretty good, actually.

  5. The original location was on Ann Rd just west of the 95. They then moved to the Craig location. Just FYI.

  6. I had Buzz Bbq’s texas tournado sandwich and it blew like @Maxj’s food reviews. Mush on top of mush on top of mush; my son’s baby food has more texture than that shit. Salt Lick used to have the best bbq sandwiches, pork and brisket. I have yet been any where that has come close to SL’s early days when they had the good rolls, not the awful ones they had at the end; chunks of smoked pork and/or thick slices of brisket. Like I said before, it’s sad when one of your town’s best barbecue restaurants is Famous Daves. I can’t wait for Ben’s BBQ food truck. They catered a lunch I attended a couple months back and they “hands down” had the best ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket I’ve ever had in this city. I later called and spoke to the owner to find out if they had a place in town and he said they were opening up a truck in late March or early April. I can’t wait, I’ve been craving their smoked pork belly sliders.

  7. Back in the day I visited the original location a few times on Ann Rd and was pleased with the food. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was satisfying. Then, a while after they moved to the Craig/95 location I decided to check them out again, and was quite disappointed. Knowing that we all have an off day now and then, I went back once more but it only confirmed my previous experience. Unfortunately the hunt for great BBQ in Vegas shall continue.

    On a related note, after discovering the Top Notch Barbecue truck thanks to John’s report here, I paid it a visit. My first experience was excellent. Everything was as delicious as can be. I went back a couple of weeks later and have to say, it was a complete letdown. A letdown to the point where it was hard to believe this was the same place. The food was average at best. The difference, like night and day. I have no idea why or how this was, as everything appeared the same as my previous visit. Like I said, everybody has an off day, so I will give it another try and see if will hopefully resemble my first visit there and not the second.

  8. I have to agree on Buzz BBQ. Went there again the other day and the brisket was not falling apart , had to use a fork and knife to eat it.

    It is so disappointing that too many restaurants in Vegas have great potential, but inconsistency is what ultimately dooms them

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