D.O.C.G. – The Return of Vita Shanley

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It’s no secret, ELV has a thing for pastry chefs. From Francois Payard to Frederic Robert to Kamel Guechida to Gregory Gorreau to Philippe Angibeau, we think the panoply of Vegas’ palatial pastry perfection is palpable.

Of course, those are just the dudes. If the dessert dishes are being dished by a dish (i.e., someone’s who’s young, cute and female), more’s the better.

In other words: our panettone, petit fours* and ganache have panache.

Former James Beard Award nominees Sarah Kosikowski (Michael Mina) and Vannessa Garcia (Restaurant Charlie) used to be two of our favorites….until they coldly, heartlessly deserted ELV (and his significant …um….er….appetities) for other opportunities in other states. (Kosikowski now works for Trump in Chi-town…and we’re still wondering where Garcia is de-constructing her delish delicacies these days.)

Was ELV bitter? A little upset? You betcha!

Formerly at SW Steakhouse, Vita Shanley, is more of an American nouvelle classicist when it comes to desserts…and was also someone we salivated over (figuratively speaking) until she embarked for colder climes four years ago. Now she’s returned with Scott Conant and crew to head up the pastry program at D.O.C.G. and Scarpetta…making ELV happier than a P.I.G. in Scarp.

But prodigal sons and daughters have a way of returning to the fold, and you can taste Vita’s treats every day at The Ultimate Gourmet Food Court at The Cosmopolitan. We at ELV apologize to her and our loyal readers for the poor selection and picture quality of her just desserts, but we were too busy catching up on old times to pay much attention to such mundane pursuits, and hereby resolve to post many better ones in the coming year.

Happy New Year!


In The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino

3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


* Remember: petit fours is French for “I can’t believe they’re serving us more food.”