He was a Great Chef as Chefs Go, and as Chefs Go, He Went…

This just in: Adam Sobel and Gerald Chin — two of our favorite dudes in food — have left the kitchens at RM Seafood and RM Upstairs in Mandalay Bay. Chin has taken a position as a chef at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino, and Sobel’s plans are, as of today, unannounced.

As this represents a step forward for both of them in their careers, ELV is happy for both.

As this causes us to wonder who or what will happen to the phenomenal cooking/creativity both brought to RM, we are sad. But since Rick “Mr. Fishes” Moonen is renowned for the talent he brings into his kitchen (e.g. John Tesar et al), wethinks the ship will remain on a steady course.

It better, ‘cuz we at ELV are already overwhelmed with the prospects of updating our book…that isn’t even a week old!

16 thoughts on “He was a Great Chef as Chefs Go, and as Chefs Go, He Went…

  1. As many as he needs to! To expand his knowledge and experiences in the food world! That’s what makes him so talented!

  2. Adam is greatly over rated, i am surprised his head can fit through the kitchen door anymore.

  3. I personally don’t like the guy but he is a hell of chef and very talented. Definately not overated . Maybe if he wasn’t such a dick I could show more love.

  4. I heard they are getting back together with Ralph perazzo and opening a place called “circle jerks” or maybe it will be called we should have never left Bradley’s !

  5. Chef Adam and Chef Gerald are very talented, two of the most talented chefs of their generation, and it’s totally normal for them to go on with their career. I worked with both of them and wish them the best in their next culinary adventure!!! And by the way, if you can’t handle their personality, you probably don’t deserve to enjoy their food. :)

  6. Good for them ! Adam and Gerald are great chefs. They are both young and should move on to bigger and better things. I look forward to eating at wherever they end up and I hope it’s in Las Vegas.

  7. As Arte Johnson so famously said, “Verrry interesting.” And just after nobly resurrecting RM Upstairs to the point of being included in your Top 10 Essential (which is no small feat).
    Sobel & Chin have already proven themselves both together and seperately, their career moves are nothing at all out of the ordinary, and if you don’t like some attitude with your food, the reality is, you’ve just cut down your restaurants choices immensely.

  8. Congratulation to both of them
    They are both very talented chefs and deserve all the success they deserve
    I worked with gerald at PIPS Cucina and Wine bar and he made it a Diamond in the Desert
    I did never worked with Adam but I am always been one of his greatest fan
    I hope that one day they will open a place together

  9. Look at the final dishes on Top Chef Masters….. That’s all Adam Sobel. He’s the sole reason pRrick Moonen fared so well. Adam’s dishes might have won the whole competition. Talented young man that will continue to grow and prosper.

  10. Wow I think it is funny that so many people are hating. Their accomplishments say everything for their passion and pursuit of excellence in this profession. So hate all you want but with multiple Michelin Stars and various awards including James Beard awards and noms in their camp shows their dedication.

  11. Wow! So many hateful grenades directed towards the Adam & Gerald fox hole!!! If you’ve worked with them & it’s easy to know…… You have your shit together they’ll invest the energy to get you educated on a higher level. If you don’t, then you need to invest the personal time and effort or be left in the dust. The restaurant business is the biggest soap opera in the history of mankind, I’d pick these two fellows to join me now then any of you clowns that are angry at the world…………………………………..

  12. Hey Stevie d, He didn’t fail, the restaurant was very successful! Great reviews.
    Don’t talk of which you don’t know the facts!!

  13. All this talk about nothing!!

    How is this change going to affect the food at the RM Upstairs?

    I really enjoy eating there when I’m in Vegas, and I had made reservations to eat there again shortly.

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