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There’s a reason you (meaning: a meaningful critic) need to visit a restaurant more than once before publishing a review. And that reason is: sometimes one meal doesn’t give the proper measure of a place, or perhaps, even worse, you may form conclusions about the overall cooking based on a few dishes that the kitchen happened to do either especially well, or poorly that day.

Case in point: DW Bistro — the Jamaican-influenced spot now occupying La Madonna’s former space in the way, way out in the southwest part of town.

Everything about this place looks like a winner, from the snappy, open, well-lit decor, to its friendly service, to the variety of Pickapeppa hot sauces they bring to every table. (ELV note: our staff is a big fan of Pickapeppa, made in Shooter’s Hill, Jamaica.) But our food (all of it), while well-made, needed those hot sauces, because to a bite, it was resolutely under-seasoned, and thus, under-whelming.

But one lunch does not a review make….so we’ll give DW another shot, and hope they give their entrees a shot of salt (and all kinds of pepper too).

Because we’re pulling for this place in a big way.

And because no review of anything Jamaican can be complete without a little Jamaican-me-crazy-music, we hereby offer up some Desmond Dekker to take us home:


6115 South Fort Apache Road

Las Vegas, NV 89148-6739



1 thought on “DW BISTRO – First Bites

  1. The wify and I like this place. Why you ask?

    1. The braised shortribs, when on the special of the day, are good and half the price of those joints on the strip.
    2. The fried chicken is really good. Surprisingly good!
    3. Pineapple Mojitos on the menu?? CHECK!
    4. Its literally 1.1 miles from home. We can walk there!
    5. Everyone is really nice and the owner is always there to say hi.

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