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This Just In – Jean-David Groff-Daudet No Longer at GARFIELD’S

Eating Las Vegas has just learned that one of our favorite chefs — Jean-David Groff-Daudet — is no longer at Garfield’s.

We wish David bonne chance in finding a position at a restaurant that’s worthy of his talents — which Garfields’s never was.

And we at ELV will no longer feel guilty about avoiding his former restaurant — that never allowed him to cook the food he is best at (classic, Burgundian and bistro French cooking), opting instead for a generic, all-over-the-map menu of mediocrity (not JDGD’s fault, but highly avoidable just the same).

Good luck David, and let’s us know when, once again, we can taste your pot au feu!

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One Response to This Just In – Jean-David Groff-Daudet No Longer at GARFIELD’S

  • Who is he and where is Garfields’ ?? Never heard of either. I especially would have noticed a double hyphenated name….

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