HERBS & RYE – Nectaly Mendoza Shoots and Pours!

When we heard Nectaly Mendoza had opened a restaurant and mixology mecca in our neck of the woods, we got so excited you would’ve thought A Flock Of Seagulls was coming to town.

Besides having the coolest name in all of mixology, Mendoza knows his booze. When last we saw him, he was directing the invention of The Light Group’s luscious libations at Yellowtail. A month ago, he opened this speakeasy-cum-restaurant a mere two miles from our humble abode, and if the food is half as good as the drinks we had here the other night, we plan on becoming a regular.

And after a couple of Mendoza’s Milk Punches, Mexicanos or Monkey Glands, there’s no doubt we’ll be humming Men Without Hats all the way home.


3713 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102



12 thoughts on “HERBS & RYE – Nectaly Mendoza Shoots and Pours!

  1. And I was excited too until I tried 3 times to get a good experience… I loved the concept, the creativity regarding drink options, even the ambience.
    We had way too inexperienced servers with wait times that are waaaayyyy too long for a empty bar, my bartender (not the one in your pics) could only seem to make sour bitter drinks even when I asked for a sweeter creation (I let him choose since that’s an option on the menu), the prices were way too high for the quality (seriously my mussels tasted like the elephant compound at the zoo smells). I’m usually really easy about my critiques but I tried and tried and kept getting the same sad time. One good thing.. the flatbreads are tasty. One time I had a “Basil Milk” I could have sworn that’s what it was called but when I went back, no one ever heard of it. I will give it a bit more time: Suggestions-more affordable menu options, training for the servers, maybe even some taste explanations on the menu for us consumers..

  2. WOW !! I just read the review before me and I would have to Disagree 1000 % My family and I had dinner at herbs and rye on Saturday and to say the least it was Spectacular . We had almost half of the menu (there was 12 of us) and everything top to bottom was great INCLUDING THE SPICY MUSSELS!! the service was good and the food was excellent to top it off the cocktails were simply the icing on the cake. We need more places like this in las vegas. Old school Vegas feel with Great food and cocktails. I will defitnitly be back. as far as the review that didnt give Herbs and Rye their justice I will have to defend these guys over and over again. Im tired of uneducated Reviewers giving bad names to great places for their lack of education in the food and beverage industry lol maybe Donna Wilburn should sit in her own therpy chair and evaluate her self LOL

  3. Just got back from Herbs and Rye it was awesome. We sat at the bar with Gerardo and the service was spectacular the fresh pressed cocktails was a first for me but were excellent to say the least. We ordered the alsatian Flatbread and the Gnocchi and they were both very full of flavor and very yummy my hats of to the chef. Great job gentlemen I will be back definitely and am telling all my girlfriends about this diamond in the ruff…

  4. On the strength of this review, I just got back from Herbs & Rye – awesome experience. Will be going back again soon.

  5. Finally a real cocktail lounge!! Just head out of Herbs and Rye and had a blast . We didn’t order much food which was a hug mistake after we saw what the people next to us had it looked excellent. We had a few appetizers and they were all ROCKIN!! The bar Program is simply the best I have had in the city.

    We will be back soon

  6. I went twice. Horrible food – I actually vomited when I got home. The chicken wings appetizer was nothing but chicken fat served with bland sauce. The pasta dish I had was, I’m sure, made with imitation crab meat. At over $20 for the dish, that is not appropriate. I hope they work on the menu. As far as the cocktails, there are certainly better places to get a quality drink. I give compliments to the staff who were very polite and friendly, but that is not enough for me to stop in again.

  7. I have gone to Herbs and Rye a few times. I can honestly say the food is phenomenal i had the salmon, bisteca flatbread and calamari. The calamari is one of the best in the city if not the best. Their cocktails are top quality and the bartenders know what they are doing. I will visit this place again and again. This is my new place in Vegas.

  8. I agree this is a pretty long thread for a off the strip property. Can’t wait to see what all the hype is about I will be at Herbs and Rye Tuesday.I wanna see what they are made out off!!

  9. I was at Herbs and Rye for the Grand Opening we had a overall good time .
    The cocktails were Amazing the staff was very friendly aswell as very good althought it did seem there was a small crew running the place they seemed busy ( and I mean Very busy). I can’t say we had bad service just nothing to run home and tell mom about. The food did take a little longer than normal but it was there grand opening so I will give them that much. The food was excellent they seem to be doing something right for all the tables around us seemed to all know the staff well . The food we recieved was defintly worth the wait and the All in all we had a blast as I wish these guys the best. We look foward on swing by on a not so hectic night like the grand opening.

  10. Went to Herbs & Rye for opening, let me just say the food is FANTASTIC!!! My favorite on the menu is the the calamari, the red, white & green flatbread for apps. and for entree Gnocchi alla Bolognese. The bartenders are well educated in their field. Want the history on a drink just ask & you shall receive not only a great prohibition cocktail but a history lesson as well. We wish you gentlemen the best of luck! Keep your eyes open for us we will be back!!!!

  11. I like seeing all the ryes. I’ve had all of them in my liquor cabinet at one time or another. And the Applejack, too. (though the bonded version is better)

    Looks like I need to add this place to my list of off-strip places to visit when I am in town.

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