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Oscar Goodman Pours, ELV Triumphs

Last night, at the Stirling Club, to thunderous applause and world-wide acclaim, ELV beat Clark Country Commissioner Lawrence Weekly and The Morning Zoo’s Chet Buchanan in a cooking contest. Some may argue that his victory was the cooking equivalent of this guy beating us in a footrace, but victory was hard-earned and sweet nonetheless.

And you try having Kerry Simon and DJT Executive Chef John Watson judge your food sometime (all recipes conceived and finished within 20 minutes — from surprise ingredients — with no rehearsal), and see how much sweat comes to your brow…

But it was a fun format, and all for a great cause, and ELV couldn’t have triumphed without the able assistance of culinary student Cynthia Moss.

Most of the food wasn’t photo-worthy, but we were particularly proud of our filet mignon with marsala cream sauce over polenta and creamed corn, and our glazed peaches with basil and balsamic vinegar.

Besides our vanquishing the opposition, the other newsworthy event of the night was discovering Hizzoner Oscar Goodman’s secret martini “recipe” consists of pouring gin over ice (or is it ice over gin?). And what can we say? The man is a master of his craft.

Thanks to Whole Foods for providing the provisions, and Project Shero for a whale of a good (if stressful) time. We can’t wait to compete next year and defend our crown against whatever media chef poseurs are out there!

2 Responses to Oscar Goodman Pours, ELV Triumphs

  • ELV-I’m glad I’ve somewhat encouraged your cooking skills. Your peaches with basil and balsamic sound quite interesting. Nice job. Now start getting scared, because as you know, one day I will land in Las Vegas for a cookoff with you the likes of which Clark County has never seen.

  • Congratulations, Mr. ELV! It’s just too bad The Mayor didn’t cook as well. I really would have liked to see how he’d integrate his signature Bombay Sapphire gin into his recipe. ;-)

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